10 wedding planning do's and don'ts

Updated: Jan 29

If you’ve been thinking about your big day for some time now, then you are most likely aware of the most common dos and don’ts when it comes to wedding planning. Setting a budget, not experimenting with hair and make-up too close to the big day, booking your vendors far in advance, ect. But there are actually some wedding planning details that quite often get neglected and you don’t realise until it’s too late.

Lucky for you, you’ve landed on this blog! I have put together 10 wedding planning dos and don’ts that will have you prepared and stress free on your magical day!

1. DO set money aside for any unexpected charges or hidden costs. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Last minute stressing is never good so by putting a little money aside, this will ensure you dodge that completely.

2. DON’T be too indecisive when making decisions. Whether you have 4 months to plan, or 1 year, taking too long on decision making will only drive you mad! Trust yourself, make firm decisions with your partner and don’t second guess yourself.

3. DO keep on top of your budget. Keeping track of the big items in your wedding is easy. But don’t neglect the little things! These expenses all add up and if you don’t keep track of every little thing within your budget... STRESS!

4. DON’T cut costs when it comes to photos. I may seem a little biased on this topic, but in all seriousness, not hiring a professional photographer/videographer to capture your special day will only leave you feeling regret. Other than your memories, the photos and videos are the only other two things that will remain from your big day. Capturing ever special moment.

5. DO delegate your Hen night! You’ve got enough on your plate to be involved in the planning of your hen night. Let your Maid of Honour and your bridesmaids organise this event, as is tradition. That way, you can focus on the million other things you need to do and focus on.

6. DON’T overlook your stationary. Whether you have your stationary suite designed by a professional, or decide to go the DIY route. Make sure you look over everything, invitations, menus ect, to make sure all the information and grammar is correct.

7. DO avoid blisters! Take any measure possible to ensure you are comfortable on your big day. One way is to wear in your shoes. Sore and blistered feet are not pleasant, especially on your wedding day. So, walk around the house and, if need be, invest in a shoe-stretcher. Your feet will thank you!

8. DON’T overlook transition details! If your wedding ceremony and reception are in two different locations, make sure you know how your important and personal items are getting there. (Purse, phone, wallet ect.) Give this responsibility to someone in your wedding party or a family member for safekeeping.

9. DO rehearse the ceremony. A great way to settle nerves and to ensure there are no unwanted surprises on your big day is to rehearse the ceremony in advance. Knowing who goes where at what time will prepare both you and your wedding party. As well as putting your mind at ease.

10. DON’T neglect your vows! Be sure to practise your vows regardless of whether you’ve written your own or you’re using traditional vows. Practise them again and again… and again! Until you feel completely comfortable. Knowing your vows by heart will also allow you to look into your partners eyes while you speak to them.

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