COVID Wedding

When Emma and Craig asked me to photograph their small intimate wedding on 6th June I jumped at the chance, because who doesn't love sharing someone's very special day when it's smaller and you can really feel like your one of the guests. However when the worldwide pandemic hit, everyone's wedding plans changed and we had to adapt.

Luckily when Emma and Craig changed their date we were able to still have the small intimate wedding at their original venue of Southport Registry Office, just with a few tweaks of only allowing 12 guests in the ceremony, of which had to wear face masks.

The wedding ceremony was still beautiful and fun and for a moment we felt like we weren't in the middle of a global pandemic. We headed outside for photos and the weather really was on our side, the sun beamed down and the guests were full of joy. An army of us convoyed down the the pier to ride the carousel and eat candy floss which was the perfect finish to a beautiful day. The wedding party then headed off for a celebratory meal at San Marco. It's safe to say, I loved every minute of my first COVID wedding.

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