Don't be afraid to be a little extra...

If your going to be extra, now is the time to do it. As a Lancashire wedding photographer we have some beautiful locations and secret spots which will make epic for photos. But if your thinking on staying at your venue then there's a few things you can add to your day to make epic photos. Have you thought about the things you can add to you day to give it that little extra celebration and get some amazing photos from it?


Confetti is a great way to celebrate the marriage, line all your guests up and get them to shower you with confetti as you walk down the line! TIP: the more confetti the better the photos! And remember, although there’s the urge to hide your face when something is being a thrown at you, keep your heads up. Confetti cannons are a great option too as the confetti shoots up high, so takes longer to fall down over the two of you.


Sparklers are great for winter weddings, as the nights draw in earlier its a great idea to get your wedding party outside and create a sparkler tunnel for the two of you to run through.

TIP: Buy the extra long sparklers and assign a sensible guests to help me line everyone up safely when a few guests may be tipsy at this point.

Smoke Bombs


Smoke bombs make awesome photos, choose colours that go with your wedding colour theme. They’re great for just the two or you, or use them in your group photos and get your groomsmen and bridesmaids to run around you with the smoke while you two share a kiss in the middle.

Champagne sprays are great for photos, point the bottle towards me and the camera to get that great spray effect!


Instead of a confetti tunnel, have you thought about a bubble tunnel? Hand bottles of bubbles out to your guests and get them to shower you in bubbles from both sides and you walk through with your new husband or wife.


Get a bottle of fizz, shake it up as much as possible and channel your inner formula one racer world champion winner, and spray that bottle! Spray it towards me, just the two of you, or have a champagne spray with your groomsmen or bridesmaids

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