Lytham Sunset

When three creatives get together and make magic...

So one random evening I'm messaging Anita Cannon on and off (I met Anita from previous photoshoots I have done where she's supplied the jewellery and accessories as Earth Links Bridal) and we start discussing what shots we like in general etc. We get on to talking about golden hour and the beautiful sea at Lytham, and I told her how surprisingly mild the sea water was when I was there a few weeks earlier. She then went on to discuss doing a photoshoot with myself as she knows this amazing makeup artist who had been looking at working with Anita. So very quickly the three of us formulated a plan, and within a few days we were there on the beach creating magic!

I hadn't worked with Daniella Ingle (Lancashire based hair and makeup artist) before and what a lovely soul she was. She brought the clothing accessories which included a hat and loose shirt, Jayne from Foxglove Bridal made us a top and skirt for us to use... which we were allowed to get wet! And Hollie from Moss Floral Artistry let us use a bouquet that I had previously used on a bridal shoot earlier that day.

Straight away I knew this was going to be an amazing session, the way Anita moves in front of the camera was like some kind of artistry, this girl had me in complete awe! I hardly had to give Anita any direction, and Daniella had some amazing ideas and poses too which made my job incredible enjoyable to be able to sit back and just take amazing photos.

We started in the sand dunes in a swimsuit as a bit of a warm up, and then Anita changed into the bridal outfit. We started with this over by the sand dunes, then made our way down to the water by the time the sun was going down. The lighting was stunning and the sea was warm, Anita danced around in the sand and water whilst I captured those beautiful moments. There was one point when both Anita and myself were sat in the water whilst taking photos, and it was worth every inch of wetness!

Finally we waited for blue hour, and Anita slipped into a Rat and Boa purple dress which complimented the colours of the blue hour sky. It was that warm, yet cool lighting in the sky which gave her skin that golden glow from Daniella's stunning makeup.

It's safe to say, I came away from the shoot skipping to my car with excitement from what we had just created.

I'd love to hear which look and which lighting period you liked best from the images?

Evening sun?

Golden hour?

Blue hour?

Let me know in the comments below...

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